Avaya provides a telephone number for you to use to report problems or Chapter 1: Introducing Your /SW/SW IP Telephone. The Avaya SW IP telephone is designed for everyday office workers with high call volumes. It is a perfect choice for salespeople, executives, and operators. The Avaya SW IP Telephone is a feature rich IP telephone providing the convenience and productivity benefits inherent in a large screen, backlit graphic .

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Avaya Telephone SW User Guide |

Avaya Series IP phones provide the same advanced calling features and functions as traditional Avaya telephones. This stylish phone incorporates a number of convenient features, such as a built-in headset jack, message waiting indicator, easily readable displays, hearing aid compatibility, NetMeeting compatibility, multiple programmable feature keys and display navigation keys.

There is no need to retrain people to use the Avaya IP telephone, because it uses the same familiar operations as traditional Avaya phones. However, the number of active calls that a telephone can handle simultaneously is limited to three for SW IP telephones, and four for SW IP telephones.


Avaya SW IP Phone – A1 Refurbs

Special Internet Marketing Services. IP Office r2. IP Office Soft Console. IP Office Expansion Modules. Voice over IP Phone Systems.

When flashing, indicates that you have a Voicemail message waiting. When the telephone is idle, the top line displays your extension number avxya the current date and time. When someone is calling you, the name and extension number of that person is displayed1.

The display area has a certain number of lines—pressing the Page Right or Page Left button may display additional information. The bottom line shows softkey labels for the current application. Navigate within or start application-specific actions, such as display the Speed Dial list, Call Log, your Personal or Corporate directory, Voicemail information.

If you have a SW IP telephone, additional softkeys provide direct access to do-not-disturb and call-forwarding functions.

When the display area has more than one page of information to display, these buttons shift the display from one page to the previous avays next page, respectively.

With a headset connected, changes audio control from the handset or speaker to the headset.


Turns off the active speaker, handset, or headset microphone, to prevent the parties who have active connections to your telephone from hearing you. Adjusts the handset, speaker, headset, or ringer volume, depending on which item is in use. When you increase or decrease the volume, the display area indicates the volume aaya.

Provides a port on the bottom rear of the telephone for connecting a headset. Displays a list of all of the dialed numbers recorded in the Call Log. Caller ID information usually arrives between the first and second ring.

How to Factory Reset an Avaya 4621SW IP Phone

Let the telephone ring at least once before answering. If external callers are not identified on the display, make sure you subscribe to “Caller ID” services from your local telephone company. Noise canceling headsets are recommended.