Recent DeLonghi Magnifica Espresso Machine questions, problems & answers. There is a section in the instruction manual that may help. If not, read on. Need to fix your ESAM Magnifica? Use our part lists, DeLonghi ESAM Magnifica Parts .. I now have to manually check the grinds, not a big deal. Coffee machine descaler, cleaning tablets and waterfilters! ☆ Low Prices ☆ Fast Add a bottle of Delonghi Descaler to the tank. 3. Press the.

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DeLonghi Coffee Maker Parts. Find Part By Symptom Choose a symptom to view parts that fix it.

DeLonghi ESAM3300 Coffeemaker User Manual

Find Part by Symptom. Diffuser Kit-Grey Push Button. Enter your engine’s type number in this search field to show the parts that match your engine. I had completed the regular descaling process as I when required using the brand liquid after the process the machine made 2 cups of coffee.

Then there appeared to be a lack of water flow so the machine would make a clicking sound run through the process but would fail due to a lack of water. I took the machine apart cleaned everything I could but still no water getting pulled from the tank. I replaced the generator in my esam and now when i power it up the two gteen lights in the front flash repetedly but nothing els happens. Our machine has abruptly struggled to produce a cup of coffee. We have removed, cleaned and disassembled the infuser and all other accessible areas.

DeLonghi Magnifica | ESAM |

We do eventually produce a cup of coffee however the machine struggles and takes much longer to produce the previous quantity. We have changed grind and volume settings to no avail. The machine sounds like it is going to “blow a gasket” – it is louder. Brews coffee at a trickle. Hot water and steam wand function normal mnual no problems there. Weak Steam Wand dharmapoop.


I have replace the steam wand unit on my Mag esam and it no longer leaks. It still has erratic and sometimes very little steam power.

My sister has this same machine and hers really blasts strong and steady. What could be the cause of the weak wand? Could be a lot of things. You didn’t give enough details to diagnose. But you did say you replaced the stem. When you run the steamer, do you notice some water filling up the tray kagnifica using the steamer?

If so, maybe there might be a leak or a problem with an o-ring in the valve directly connected to the steamer. If it is sticking out from the face of the unit at all, push it back in until it it almost flush. Thanks for the reply, I ended up replacing the steam heating element which I was able to find on the internet elsewhere.

It was a medium difficulty job, not for everyone. Grounds Indicator Light Kosborn. My machine will turn on and go thru the cycles but the grounds indicator light stays on and I can’t make coffee. I checked the waste container and the tabs are still there. Is there a sensor that needs replacing? I have the same problemDid you fix it? I had the same problem. The bottom tray sensor had a few wires coming out of it.

I unplugged the purple wire from the circuit board and that was enough to disable the sensor and indicator light turned off. I now have to manually check the grinds, not a big deal.

Replaced Generator Now New Probl I replaced my generator. Now when I turn on my I get 2 blinking green lights on the coffee cups and a solid red exclamation triangle. I think I need to replace the thermal fuse. Where is that located? Do you sell that on this site? Correction, I see that there are new fuses that come with the new generator in line with the 2 grey wires. So now I have no idea what it could be. Water Leak After Replacing Pump Hello, after replacing the water pump I’m getting a leak where the tube pyre di2 part 27 meets the valve part I just purchased a new valve part 35a new tube offer part 27 and a new spring part I believe a may have broke my original spring 28 when replacing the valve.


Does the tube include an o ring and does the spring also work on this section? I didn’t see the o ring and or clip in the diagram for this section but it looks close enough from the other parts to work on this connection. Hi, I’m wondering how you solved the leak in the valve where the tube pyre connects.? I have the exact same issue after replacing both the pump and valve. I’m guessing the tiny o ring inside the valve is the problem.

It has a ridge of wear around one side.

But I don’t see this part available. Were you able to find it, and did you fix your leak? Thanks for any insight you can offer. Water Not Reaching Grounds Durin During the brew cycle, as its time to deliver water to the grounds, nothing happens.

Magnifixa sensor and water pump have been replaced with same results. No leaks are apparent. It is clear water. Sometimes it seems to come from underneath the machine but mostly it looks like it goes into the drip tray and then the tray overflows.

If I add half a tank of water hours later the tank is empty and water is everywhere. Other than that, the machine works just fine.

DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica Parts

What can I do to stop the leak? Look at the seal on the back of the tank. Sit the full tank on a table top with paper towels!

Take off all the covers and run the machine to pinpoint the leak. I did that and clearly saw where the leak was dellnghi from.

I took off one of the values, cleaned it and put it back on. That fixed it for me. It failed after about 4 years but it’s not working fine again. Water Level Check espresso. I keep getting water low light in the middle of coffee making and it stops it half done.

Is there replacement part for water level sensor something?