Drug Price Control Order & case study of costing two pharmaceutical formulation. pricing of pharmaceutical formulation in India DPCO and case . NLEM (National List of Essential Medicines) Formulations with. in ceiling prices of drugs under NLEM under Para 19 of the DPCO bring more medical devices under the National List of Essential Medicines ( NLEM). India: Fixation Of Prices Of Drugs Under The DPCO, essential drugs as mentioned in the National List of Essential Medicines (NLEM).

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This is by far the best take on this new DPCO order. This makes the 20 year term of a patent meaningless.

DPCO LIST- Rishab Healthcare

What is the need of compulsory licensing provision in the patent act then?? It is equally important that while being concerned about the price control of medicine in India, steps should be taken to ensure that the public receive a product with world class quality …. In March this year there was a draft policy for pricing of patented drugs, it has not yet been finalized.

DAB I think its just to highlight which drugs are eligible for the 5 year price relaxation. But just to give you an idea;Consider two top selling brands: What would be happen to the expired drugs and the drugs in store after the application of the order.? Phool, pharmaceutical companies have 45 days to clear the old stocks and enforce the new ceiling prices. Dear Madhulika, Sorry for such delayed comment. So the new drugs approved before the DPCO will not be covered.


However, in most of the cases identical products or products with slight variations in the new drugs are simultaneously approved by the Drug authorities in India. At times some of them are also subject of infringement suits in different courts. Is there any provision that deal with such allegedly infringing products available in the market for the purpose of deciding the ceiling price??

The question of infringement will have to be adjudicated by courts.

I m owner of a wholsales medical shop. If the prices are supposed to change from 1st july then what are we shopkeeper supposed to do with the existing stock of the products whose prices have changed.

I am planning to open up a pharma company not manufacturing. Will it be wise to do so in this scenario? 201 me of followup comments via e-mail.

Last week on Wednesday, May 15 the department of pharmaceuticals issued the new Drug price control order can be accessed here which will alter price regulation dynamics and substantially increase the number of medicines covered by price cap umbrella.

Some say that 45 days is a very short time window for companies 22013 comply. Shan had previously blogged about draft NPPP over here. See here and here to read our previous posts on ilst.

Earlier in March this year the Department of pharmaceuticals DOP had issued a draft proposal on price negotiation of patented drugs. Readers may remember that we had posted about this here. Prices of formulations spanning over 27 therapeutic classes are regulated by DPCO Prices of some additional anti-cancer drugs including the much d;co about Imatinib, Carboplatin, Dacarbazine, Daunorubicn, Chlorambucil, Oxaliplatin and some anti-retroviral cocktails like Zidovudine-Lamivudine-Nevirapine and Stavudine- Lamivudine will now be regulated by the current order.


Previous DPCO order regulated drug prices based on the manufacturing costs stated by their lits. This shifts the ceiling price calculation from a cost based to a market based method. But, rpco read patient groups argue that the previous price regulation method i. Some industrialists contend that the ceiling price calculation should have drig based on a weighted average of prices instead of the simple average formula as currently proposed as the simple average formula fails to provide a level playing field between different companies.

After the DPCO many manufacturers withdrew from market and production levels of many essential drugs fell below critical levels.

The Drug (Prices Control) Order – an overview – Lexology

After some lessons learnt dcpo hard way the Govt has incorporated sufficient provisions in the current DPCO to definitively preempt the possibility of an essential drug going off market.

Well this ought to trigger innovation in pharma industry! Provided that the provision of this paragraph shall apply only when a document showing approval of such new drugs from Drugs Controller General India is produced before the Government. Here again the key factor will be effective enforcement of the order. Past record of enforcement paints a sorry picture with blatant disregard and open violations of the DPCO provisions. Department of Pharmaceuticals issues draft policy on pricing of patented drugs.

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