Craft project: Instructions and patterns for making hexa-hexaflexagons. Flexagons are folded paper polygons that have the neat feature of changing colors as. How to Make a Hexaflexagon: This is another magic pocket study tool I teach my students how to This is also an awesome lesson to use for math instruction. Easy Hexaflexagon: There are some instructions on making a hexaflexagon but I have found them (sorry to anyone with an instructables on here) not very.

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Hexahexaflexagons A hexahexaflexagon has six different faces. Score and fold the pattern on the two dashed lines—unfold. Fold the flexagon to bring together three alternate corners of the flexagon.

Glue the strips together by gluing the single triangles together, back-to-back. The names of flexagons tell the type of polygon and the number of faces.

Decorate the strip following the scheme on the numbered pattern. Cut a strip of paper. You should find that all the triangles on each side have the same number. Enlarge Share this craft. Hexaflexagons are paper polygons with a surprising number of faces. Score and fold back-and-forth on all the solid lines.


You can use any type of paper. Answer this question Flag as You could also find a template online and use that if you’d like. Fold your back numbers to face their partners. Pull the 2 forward that is behind the 3.

Choose a Pattern and Print It Choose a hexa-hexaflexagon to make. Not Helpful 20 Helpful 7.

Create a a straight strip by folding all the red 4 triangle pairs over to face each other. You could just eyeball it, but it might be more accurate if you use a protractor and measure 30 degrees.

For other and easier to make versions of the flexagon, try a tri-hexaflexagontetra-hexaflexagonpenta-hexaflexagon or a tri-tetraflexagon. However, as stated above, construction paper is the most sturdy and is preferred. Fold equilateral triangles into your paper.

To make a trihexaflexagon follow these easy steps.


Try to make the cuts very straight and accurate. Geometric Toys to Make. Try folding each triangle both ways to make flexing easier later on.


A hexaflexagon is a paper hexagon that is folded from a strip of paper. Not Helpful 18 Helpful As the sides are flexed, or moved, they reveal more surfaces than a standard hexagon would. Choose a design that prints in color, or instductions one of the black and white patterns and use your creativity to add color and designs. Wait for the glue to dry before flexing your flexagon.

Hexaflexagons | Vi Hart

All the triangles that make up a hexagon face have the same number, so color and decorate them with that in mind. Only 15 of the faces versions can be seen with the straight strip pattern for a hexa-hexaflexagon. You want to finish with a strip of paper that has 19 equilateral triangles. Make your first triangle by marking in about one knuckle.