Fortunately for iSeries, System i, and Power i administrators, we don’t IPL our systems as much as others may reboot their Windows boxes, and. Hi, We have a AS/ which was performing very badly for last month or so. In order to perform several functionalities we have Island. I have a and I want to do a manual IPL, because nobody can access it. I also do not have a console. Can you please give me step by step instructions.

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For more information on scanning and the system value settings, see the topic Scanning support.

Follow the instructions on the displays. The value Y Yes automatically configures local devices.

IPL – initial program load

Ip No indicates no automatic configuration. To install additional licensed programs, continue with the tasks in Using the Work with Licensed Programs menu to install IBM licensed programs.


Attended Start date and time. Store it in a safe location. Ignore the ip, power-down operation message on the IPL Options display. If you need to change system values, you can do so now.

Performing the initial program load (IPL)

Type the following and press Enter. System date Use the current date. System time Use the current time, hour clock.

System time zone Verify that it is correct or press F4 to select a time zone. Start system to restricted state Y Set major system options Y. Respond to the prompts on the Set Major System Options display. Enable automatic configuration The value Y Yes automatically configures local devices.

The following display is an example of a message that appears: All jobs in system lost. Job and output queues cleared.

What is IPL? Webopedia Definition

You have completed this task. Installing software on a new system with IBM i installed.

Before you begin to install software on a new system.