Stands & Specifications. • Human factors Standards and specifications. User Aids . CR SAE J ; SAE J ; SAE J ; SAE J ; TMC RP Vehicle Electronic Programming Stations (VEPS) System Specification for Programming The software interfaces are described in SAE J and SAE J W. A., , Iron and steel. IMI. Maardt, J. G., & Erichsen, E. J. (Jensen), , Pro[ducing and utilising gas and heat. Maas, J., , Indicating and registering.

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Design-Build of a Form SAE J specifies the recommended practices for a Win32?

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Because the customization is performed using both OEM-provided and vendorprovided software, the roles and responsibilities of the vendor and OEM elements must be defined to permit the development of common vendor software elements for all Original Equipment Manufacturers OEMs.

SAE J identifies the system resources of a Win32? VEPS can be achieved. Each major vehicle component has multiple vendors who compete for component sales in OEM markets.

SAE J provides such a solution. The use of this report is entirely voluntary, and its applicability and suitability for any particular use, including any patent infringement arising therefrom, is the sole responsibility of the user.

SAE invites your written comments and suggestions.

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As an example, features such as cruise control and road s speed limiting require that controllers be calibrated with specific information related to the equipment installed on the vehicle such as tire size, rear axle ratio, and desired operating speeds. Programmable parameters identify the information items needed to calibrate the controllers. The parameter file is interpreted by a Vendor Component Program VCP that performs the specified programming specificaton a common communication interface.


The programming result for each parameter is sepcification as a record in the verification file.

The definition and remarks files document the parameters that can be programmed in the Vendor Component. Also, this zpecification the need to use multiple RS communications ports for Vendor Interface Tools. Unless otherwise indicated, the latest version of SAE publications shall apply. Win32 is a specificatiln of Microsoft, Inc. Objectives to be met by VEPS include: Provide positive indications of programming results.

Simplify communications with the vehicle network. The figure shows four assembly jobs progressing down the assembly line. Jobs 1 and 2 have been programmed. Job 3 is being programmed, and job 4 will be presented to the programming station.

The station has identified that job 3 was presented to it for programming and initiated the programming process. The preceding steps represent the minimum requirements to support spwcification execution of the VCP. The VCP only needs to support one component or family of components produced by an individual vendor. Anyone is welcome to employ this RP in implementing software systems for ECU reprogramming and communication. It contains records identifying the status of the VCP programming session.

The verification file format is defined by SAE J It contains records which describe the parameters supported by the VCP, including default value, lower limit, upper limit, etc. The definition file format is defined by SAE J The VCP runs as a separate Windows? The status of the VEPS communications session, as well as the programming status of each parameter is written to the verification file.


Upon termination, the VCP supplies an exit code. See Figure 9 and 6. Optionally, the OEM shop floor program can read the verification file to determine the status.

STEP 8— If the exit code indicates that an error has occurred during the programming session, the OEM shop floor program can read and parse the verification file to determine the cause of the error. This directory will be created and named by the OEM. The exit codes are defined by the following Component Error Code table see Table 1: The OEM must be able to inhibit this feature if desired.

The vendor also has the option of providing immediate, graphical feedback to the OEM when a critical error is encountered by the VCP. The feedback should be done with a simple message box. SAE J describes the application of the Win32? Because the customization is performed using both OEM-provided and vendor-provided software, the roles and specigication of the vendor and OEM elements must be defined to permit the development specificationn common vendor software elements for all Original Equipment Manufacturers OEMs.