Ciné-Ethnography: Jean Rouch Edited and translated by Steven Feld. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press, $ cloth; $ paper. Jean Rouch was a French filmmaker and anthropologist. He is considered to be one of the Godard said of Rouch in the Cahiers du Cinéma (Notebooks on Cinema) n°94 . Portis, Irene – Jean Rouch: The Semiotics of Ethnographic Film Irene Portis – Winner Cambridge, MA August 7, ; Rothman, William (editor). Cine-Ethnography has 19 ratings and 0 reviews. One of the most influential figures in documentary and ethnographic filmmaking, Jean Rouch.

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Jean Rouch began his long association with African subjects inwhen he arrived in Niamey as a French colonial hydrology engineer to supervise a construction project in Etbnography.


Eight Films by Jean Rouch”. List of important publications in anthropology.

Mr J L Morrison rated it it was amazing May 22, Over the course of five decades, he made almost films. Roy Hanney rated it it was amazing Sep 03, Influenced by his discovery of surrealism in his early twenties, many of his films blur the line between fiction and documentary, creating a new style: Rouch and the others joke with Marceline ethmography her proclamation that she would never marry a black, not finding blacks sexually attractive, but remembering dancing with one particular man, whose way of dancing was extraordinary.

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And this poetry was made up of factory smokestacks, of the outskirts, of walls of crumbling brick, of smoking locomotives, and of those infinite shadows that announced something more. Steven Feld is professor of music and anthropology at Columbia University.


Salvatore rated it it was amazing Jan 22, Solly rated it really liked it Apr 01, The camera would have had to tune in to capture the after effects of the ordeal of deportation with the subsequent decline, and not the militant who never existed, and finally to throw a violent light on what had inevitably remained in the shadow, understanding that the camera will more quickly uncover a wound than evoke the humiliation or simple paltriness of daily life.

Jean Rouch has made more than one hundred documentary films in West Africa and France, pioneered numerous film techniques and technologies, and in ethnogeaphy process inspired generations of filmmakers.

French Colonial Documentary Mythologies of Humanitarianism Examines cinematic colonial stereotyping as the basis for humanitarian action. Each year when I show Rouch films to students more familiar with Godard or Deleuze, they are a revelation.


ethnographu He was hailed by the French New Wave as one of theirs. Subtitles, once sync sound is possible, present clne simple solution.

He studied civil engineering before turning to film and anthropology in response to his experiences in West Africa during World War II. Fox Santa Fe NM: He too had dreamed of creating a myth, a modern myth that is the world of those avenues.

They situate us in relation to objects, deploying what is suggestive and expressive in the world.

Jean Rouch – Wikipedia

Sympathetic to the depictions of others in the film, with regard to himself, he says: These ethnogrwphy were slum dwellers — how could one joke about their conditions?

Jean Rouch Chronicle of a Summer: Cine-Ethnography by Jean Rouch.

One thing they agree on is the one-sidedness of the portraits. Godard, too, was strong on demystification, and the grass-roots notion of people being able to create their own images and sounds before televison arrived in Mozambique. Fascinated and profoundly influenced by the surrealists, dance, theatre, cinema and music Stravinsky, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrongwere a part of everyday life. Robinson, an alter ego of Oumarou Ganda, who had fought in the Indochinese War and in life after the film, would go on to become a filmmaker himself.


Jean Rouch’s Ciné-Ethnography: at the conjunction of research, poetry and politics

Chronicle of etgnography Film Edgar Morin pp. Heather marked it as to-read May 12, The Camera and Man Jean Rouch pp. What is pathetic in my adventure is that for long years, the scream that ethnograpgy tearing me apart never left my throat. The people performing the ceremony are different from us — yet like us. Yasmin Shehab marked it as to-read Sep 22, Views Read Edit View history. Tenhertine rated it really liked it Feb 09, When inRouch is filming the Sigui, an itinerant Dogon ceremony commemorating the death of the first ancestor performed over a seven year period every sixty yearshe is able to draw on the minute descriptions of Griaule and Leiris, who had not attended the Sigui, but twenty years after its performance, devoted a great deal of study to its customs, rituals, language and signification.

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He studied civil engineering before turning to film and anthropology in response to his experiences in West Africa during World War II. Fedelle marked it as to-read May 28,