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Napravi sam oplodnjak za matice – DIY bee queen mating nucs.

In this case the l point to make a mating nuc is a small frame which fits inside of a Farrar frame. The same could be applied to any other hive and frame standard, LR, DB, We only need to adjust a number of small frames and their dimensions so they can fit inside of a bigger frame.

dramil | KOŠNICE

Outer dimensions of a small frame are mm x mm. Top and low frame bar have an opening.


It’s used to insert a wax foundation. On the top bar there are two metal pieces on each side.


One of it slides back and forth depending if we’re putting small frames inside of a mating nuc or aligning it in a bigger frame. We can also add a fifth frame, as a feeder or a normal frame.

Instead of this frame feeder we can use a jar lid on the top of the frames, below ventilation. Body measures of a mating nuc are: This measurements can little differ.

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Entrance is 56mm from the bottom. Ventilation is 38mm high. A roof on its top has 20mm polystyrene, 5-layer water resistant plywood and a thin metal cover.

The whole nuc instead of wood could be also made of a polystyrene. Naseljavanje oplodnjaka i kontrola oplodnje m Proizvodnja matica za osobne potrebe – Produc Proizvodnja matica i formiranje nukleusa – Pr