Lydia’s life on the printed page is amazingly graphic in the self-published Sealed With A Kiss (filled with visual mementos galore), punctuating a journey few ever. Take, for example, the case of Lydia and Peter Criss, who’ve been split ‘Sealed With a Kiss,’ in — recently spoke with Legendary Rock. Typically replies within a few hours. Contact Sealed With A KISS on Messenger. Highlights info row image. Highlights info row image. Book.

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LYDIA CRISS Announces Cyber Monday Sale On Sealed With A KISS Book –

Lydia discussed the book, it’s second printing, and a variety of KISS-related topics in a new interview. The following is an excerpt from Part Lydia, thanks for taking time to speak with us. Can you give KISS fans an update on what’s going on in your world? I didn’t really think it would take long to get the second printing done.


Especially since most of the work criss done already.

But the ebook came out during last esaled. The second printing of the book is being printed in Italy now, the same place as the first printing. Is there a tentative release date??? We have corrected a few things so that means you kind of have to start over.

Being that I am the publisher, they have to send me a book that doesn’t look like a book, it looks like a newspaper. I have to review everything and Fed-Ex it back immediately.

There’s been a lot of little steps in between.

I takes a while to order the paper. That’s the thing that takes the longest.

I didn’t quite understand why a printing company wouldn’t s paper in stock already. But I’ve heard from some people in the industry that Italy has the best paper. I really wanted to go back to Italy. It’s so much easier.

– Sealed With A KISS available EXCLUSIVELY here

I tried doing everything the American route but the price was crazy. Read more at this ludia. Part 2 of this interview will be available soon. The following is an excerpt from Part 1: Live At Summer Breeze December 21,9 days ago review black death amon amarth.